Founded in Las Vegas in 2003, Dee Berkley Jewelry is driven by one simple notion: that head-turning pieces can (and should) lead to pure happiness. Behind our colorful beads, streamlined designs, and each carefully curated collection is the simple goal of spreading feel-good vibes. We craft each of our pieces with positive energy and a smile on our faces—and we hope you share that smile when you wear them. It’s that simple. 

We believe in merging purposeful and pretty. 

While each of our pieces is beautiful, beautiful is never our only goal. Instead, we aim to make jewelry that’s as meaningful, energetic, and enduring as it is head-turning. Because even the most stunning piece of jewelry can feel hollow without a story and smile behind it. Whether we’re tapping into chakras or celebrating one of life’s special moments, each of our handcrafted pieces is designed to tell a story that withstands the test of time. When you put on your Dee Berkley piece, it’s our hope that you feel a little lighter and smile a little wider.

We believe doing good leads to feeling good.

Our love for community drives all that we do. Whether we’re giving back to a charitable organization or gathering our team for a feel-good philanthropic effort, we work tirelessly to ensure we’re supporting both our local and global community in the same way they’ve supported us for so many years. Our daily mantra is simple: Do good. Feel Good. Repeat.

We believe in living in color.

We take our work seriously but not ourselves. We believe life’s too short to hold in a laugh, wear jewelry that weighs you down, or skip a glass of champagne. It’s our passion for a life lived to its fullest potential that inspires each of our pieces. Just like the jewelry we design, our team of talented women is bold, colorful, unapologetically ourselves, and always game for a good time. Swing by our studio and say hi to our tribe—you’ll see what we mean.