100 % of all profits directly to Hawaii Community Foundation

Most of us have either been to this beautiful Island, know people connected or who live in the beautiful State of Hawaii, or feel a need to help in some way.  I reached out to a dear friend living in Hawaii and asked for the charity that we could donate to that would help provide immediate relief to the many who have lost homes, businesses, landscape, and the list goes on.  She sent me the Hawaii Community Foundation and explained that the pink color was the color in the Island Chain for Maui.  in a mad hurry this morning the team came up with a Maui Strong stack representing the Islands.  It is our hope that with your help we can make a small difference in helping this magnificent island recover.  Thank you to our amazing clients and friends who always support our fundraising efforts.  It is all of you that are our inspiration for helping when a need arises and we are grateful for your help!

Again, 100 % of all profits from this bracelet stack will go directly to the Hawaii Community Foundation to benefit Maui Strong.  It is a beautiful set of bright colored quartz in a hemp bag.  It is our hope that when you wear them, you will be reminded that you have played a part in helping a community so desperately in need.

P.S.  Orders will start shipping Friday August 18th.




WOMENS 8mm Red Quartzite with gold filled heart lock charm, WOMENS 8mm Red Quartzite with one matte Black Agate bead and gold filled heart lock charm, MENS 10mm matte Black Agate with one Red Quartzite bead, MENS 10mm matte Black agate with three Red Quartzite beads


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